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         Shanghai OpticalRotation

         Shanghai OpticalRotation is a small-size chemical company registration in 2004 and based in Shanghai with the expertise in the fields of fluoro-aromatics and chiral products.

         Originally we focus on Chiral BINOL, a kind of ligands used in asymmetric synthesis for some special intermediates, and Chiral Auxiliary, which serves the total synthesis in the area of natural products and some active pharmaceutical ingredients. We also server clients fluoro-aromatics. There are other websites for these services.

         Since 2004, we started the synthesis job of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride. Thanks to those hard-working technical people, we got this compound finally in our kilo lab. Now we are able to produce the material to 10-100kg scale under the non-GMP kilo lab.

         Then we begin to learn this product and its derivatives. We found its ester hydrochloride salts are also widely used and studied in the area of PDT (Photodynamic Therapy). But this series are only limited to be offered to R&D work.





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