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 Last updated: May 24, 2014


      We are proud to have clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, Poland, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

       In 2009, we also successfully served new clients in: Chile, Canada, Germany and Uzbekistan. 

       In 2010, we successfully served existing clients worldwide by best quality and prompt shipment.

       In 2011, we will produce best 5-ala, analysis our 5-ala, well package the 5-ala, the same as before.

       In 2012, even Armageddon comes to us, we will not stop producing 5-ala.

       In 2013, we did not repeat good sales record, maybe market has its own breath.

       In 2014, we decide to shrink our production units half. (we might consider to stop all due to our own reason...)


         Ladies and Gentlemen,


         Welcome to our website.


        We are a group of young and active people. Since the establishment of Shanghai OpticalRotation, the innovative team is devoted to the best quality chemical products, together with rapid delivery and reliable service. Reliable, this words,  means a lot of details.


         We are very clear that clients are fighting in their market. We are very clear that clients needs to complete projects timely and accurately. We are also very clear that clients needs someone work with them even become their backbone.


         Backbone, we fight for this.


         Your sincerely,




       Some comments from our clients:


          'We actually ran it through a state of the art mass spectroscopy machine and it tested very nicely...'

                by Dr. Jim, CA, United States


          'Good product. We are pleased with the quality and results...'

               by Dr. Henry, AZ, United States




         冷靖 (Leng Jing)




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